Hospice Nurse Job Description

Job Profile and Description

A hospice nurse generally works in the home environment when the patient decides to spend the rest of the days in his/her house and not the hospital.

Key Duties and Responsibilities

  • Care for terminally ill patients
  • Change bed pans
  • Administer medications
  • Draft medical reports
  • Comfort grieving family members
  • Respond to emergency situations

Educational Qualifications

To become a hospice nurse, you have to complete a basic bachelor’s in nursing from an accredited institute to get a recognized degree certificate. After passing with good marks in nursing, you also have to become a registered nurse by appearing for a licensing exam.

Salary and Range

The hourly rate of payment for hospice nurses is between $25.53 and $33.13. If we take into account the additional payments of overtime, this hourly rate of service increases; in case of overtime the hourly rate ranges between $36.68 and $50.88. Annual salary of a hospice nurse can be anything between $52,560 and $68,910.