Project Manager Job Description

Job Profile and Description

A project manager is a person responsible for planning a project and seeing that it is completed successfully, within the given deadline. Project Managers are in great demand these days, but the supply is good too.

Key Duties and Responsibilities

It is essential to be aware of the duties and responsibilities of a project manager that he has to perform on a daily basis.

  • He must suggest new policies and modifications in order to reform the nature of work.
  • He ought to develop good relations with his colleagues and motivate them to do well by appreciating their good performances.
  • It is his responsibility to perform efficiently and honestly.
  • By the virtue of being a manager, he has to maintain confidentiality.
  • He is responsible for establishing easy communication between the employees and the higher authority.
  • In case of emergency, he should be able to solve problems for his team members.
  • It is his primary duty to participate in meetings, discussions, project site visits, workshops and hearings.
  • A manager has to prepare bids and proposals for the prospective clients to expand business operations.

Educational Qualifications and Skills

  • Financial management skills
  • Good communication (verbal and written) and interpersonal skills
  • Computer or technical knowledge
  • Effective problem solving skills
  • Excellent business management and developmental skills
  • Efficient team management skills

Salary and Range

According to the available statistics, project manager salary range is $86,812 to $110,887. The average entry-level annual income of a project manager in the United States is around $52,000. Those with 1-4 years of experience can expect to make about $60,000 a year. Individuals with 4-5 years of experience may get about $98,000 per year.